Harriet Askew

Harriet Askew has been a teacher, missionary, preacher, medical practice administrator, hospice worker and Bible Study leader along with having a family of two sons, two daughters and 7 grandchildren.

Living in countries as diverse as South Africa, Bahrain, and Kosovo has been a delightful experience, allowing her and her doctor-husband Jon to taste many different cultures during the 12 years of living overseas.

She learned just how flexible it was possible to be when she taught in the university system in another country with far different traditions, standards, and even goals.

Visiting patients in the hospital as a chaplain allowed great insight into the cultures she served.

Harriet has a B. S. in Education from Taylor University, an M. Div. from Western (Phoenix) Seminary, and a lifelong interest in learning, which has provided a degree-less education.

Serving on the CMI board began for Harriet in 2011, dovetailing with the approval of the Areopag Center in Kosovo as a ministry under CMI.

One of her passions is to stimulate faith among the people with whom she has ongoing relationships.