Eden Tea & Coffee House



Since the 1980s when Ben and Sarah Sanders met as students at ASU, they desired to see a Christian community center near campus. They envisioned a facility that would become a hub for students, with a coffeehouse and other rooms to study and gather. In 2012 part of that desire came to life, when the Campus Christian Center (C3) opened on Mill Avenue, right across from ASU’s Tempe campus. Although Ben and Sarah had not forgotten their dream for a coffeehouse, they needed someone to spearhead the endeavor. Meanwhile, Amie Pierone was becoming disillusioned with her corporate management job. She herself had dreamt of opening a coffeehouse near a university for many years, with the primary goal of creating a welcoming, homey place for students. She knew of C3 from her grad school days at ASU, and showed up there one hot summer day in 2021. Knowing nothing of Ben and Sarah’s desire for a coffeehouse, Amie shared her vision. All parties were in awe at the synchronization of dreams, and recognized the hand of God in their encounter. Amie left her corporate job shortly thereafter, and we are now in the development stages of Eden Tea & Coffee House. 



To us, “Eden” conjures an image of a place full of vibrant life where togetherness, connection and relationships are fostered. In fact, Eden is described in Isaiah as “a place filled with exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs” (Isaiah 51:3 MSG). Our vision is that Eden Tea & Coffee House will become a place that students intentionally seek out, not only for amazing coffee and delicious pastries, but because they know they will be welcomed and loved, regardless of their faith. Utilizing the historic C3 Hiebert House as the setting, we will seek to make Eden truly a home. And you just never know, you may hear a barista singing from time to time. 

How You Can Help Launch Eden

DONATE to the project using the Donate Now button below.

We’re looking to raise $100,000 for this project. These funds will go toward:

  • Remodeling the kitchen & purchasing tea and coffee equipment
  • Remodeling the front room into the cafe seating area
  • Creating outdoor seating areas, including an enclosed garden patio
  • Legal and administrative fees (we know, not the fun stuff)

VOLUNTEER in the construction, landscaping or in the coffeehouse once it is up & running.  Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

PRAY for the Lord’s direction as we bring Eden to life.

Secret Garden Remodel

The back patio, also known as the Secret Garden, will be completely remodeled with new hardscape, landscape, sound system, comfortable seating and shade covering. 

Eden Visionary

Amie received her MBA from ASU’s business school, then entered the corporate world.  After a few years she left her management job to pursue the vision that the Lord had given her to create a coffeehouse as an outreach opportunity for students. She is now implementing that vision at C3.

Cafe Concept

The seating area will be designed to capture the essence of Eden, with a mix of soft and hard seating conducive for work time or meet ups, and lush greenery. The design will be flexible to preserve the multi-purpose use of the space. 

Cafe Concept

Designed to facilitate barista and student interaction, the kitchen area will be opened to the front room. The kitchen can be closed off when the front room is used for group meetings. 

Questions or Comments?

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