Coffee House Vision

Create an environment where students experience God’s love and thrive spiritually

  • It has been a long time desire of Ben & Sarah Sanders who direct the ministry at C3 to have a coffee house ministry that creates an environment where students thrive spiritually.
  • Along came Amie who knew about the Campus Christian Center(C3) from her ASU days.  She had a desire & leading from the Lord to leave her management job in corporate world & start a coffee house ministry & shared her vision with Ben & Sarah.   It was a match made in heaven & we are now in the development stages of this exciting new ministry.

Fully utilize the wonderful facility (C3) that God has provided

  • C3 is used by about 40 differentiations campus Christian organizations.  Every room is filled most every night, but during the day when students are in class this magnificent facility sits mostly idle.
  • This new ministry will allow us to open the facilities during during the day for students to gather for Bible studies, study groups, down time or just hang out with friend.
  • During the evenings drinks can be provided to the many students & ministry leaders that gather here.

Connect student with others to help in their spiritual and professional growth

  • The coffee house will reside a historic home built in 1925 on Mill Avenue right across the street from ASU where 60,000 students including over 10,000 international students attend.
  • It will provide a conducive environment to connect students and to help them grow spiritually and professionally.

    How You Can Help Lunch this Ministry

    Donate – Give financially to the project using the Donate button below.

    Serve – Contact us at the link below to help in the construction/landscape or to serve in this ministry once it is up & running.

    Pray – Pray for the Lords direction as we start this exciting new ministry.

    The cost of this project is $45,000.  This will include:

    • Refinishing the hardwood floors in the hall & office
    • Remodel of the kitchen & inside sitting area
    • Buy coffee/kitchen equipment for serving drinks & light food items
    • Purchase sound & multimedia equipment
    • Create the outside conversation areas including an enclosed garden patio


    Coffee Ministry Visionary

    Amie received her MBA from ASU business school, then entered the corporate world.  After a few years she quit her management job to pursue the vision that the Lord had given her to create a coffee house ministry for ASU students.  She is now implementing that vision at C3.

    Garden Patio to Remodel

    This patio area will be completely remodeled with new hardscape, landscape, sound system, comfortable furnature and shade covering.

    Front Room

    This is the main room to be used by the coffee house located in a historic home build in 1925 that is part of the Campus Christian Center (C3) on Mill Avenue across from ASU.

    Front Room Concept

    Potential concept of a serving window in the front room.  This allows those serving to connect with the students.  The opening can be closed when the front room is used for group meetings.

    Questions or Comments?

    We would love to hear from you!

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    Questions or Comments?

    We would love to hear from you!