We are Greg and Sheli McFarland, passionate about helping young people to know Jesus Christ and follow Him wholeheartedly.  We have given our lives and hearts to minister in many ways during 25 years of marriage, seeking to help young people establish strong roots and a contagious faith.

We now live among students at Arizona State University Polytechnic with our three daughters, Morgan, Sydne and Kaity.  As a family we work together to bring the relational heart of God to this campus and its surrounding communities.

We have worked in campus ministry at ASU for nearly 10 years, and since 2012 at ASU Poly.  We are a Christian “club” on campus called EPIC, with a vision for whole-life discipleship, raising up spiritual generations of fully alive, multiplying believers.


EPIC is a redemptive student community in which young adults are mentored to know Jesus Christ and pursue life’s adventure within God’s epic story.

We believe that restored hearts …

“I run in the paths of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”     Psalm 119:32 NIV

…that are strong in grace and truth…

“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”     2 Tim. 2:1 NASB

…become contagious, courageous, lifelong followers of Christ.

“… entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”     2 Tim 2:2 NASB    

With four key principles we engage people here:  the transformative power of the gospel, contagious relationships, an intentional path of discipleship, and shared mission in students’ natural environments.  We enter in, to live “incarnationally”
and share in the lives of people so they can see, hear, and touch the Gospel of Jesus in real and meaningful ways.  The ministry of family hospitality and redemptive community is key.  We build into people’s lives in group and one-on-one settings, establishing trust in roles on campus that contribute to the university’s goals for spiritual wellness, and serving the community to bring love in Jesus’ name.  In these “fields of harvest” we befriend, love, serve, counsel, encourage, teach, pray and reach out with the grace of Jesus.


To contact the McFarlands:  [email protected]

Greg and Sheli McFarland and the EPIC ministry at ASU Poly are funded completely by donations.  For tax-deductible contributions, please make checks payable to “Community Ministries” and mail to:

Community Ministries International
For: Greg and Sheli McFarland
P.O. Box 1245
Tempe, AZ 85280-1245

To give online by credit card or ACH withdrawal, click on the “GIVE NOW” button (at the top of this page) on the CMI website. Then designate funds for “McFarland, Greg and Sheli” from the drop-down menu and fill out the online form.  Thank you!