Soper-Germany/M.E. Refugees+Immigrants

The Soper’s are involved in ministering to Germans and middle east refugees and immigrants in Leipzig, Germany by instructing believers and unbelievers in all aspects of the Bible and Christian ministry. This area of the former East Germany has the highest concentration of atheists in the country.

While a student-athlete at ASU and after, Bill was faithfully witnessed to by people involved with Quo Vadis and CMI. Coming to faith a few years later, Bill helped out at Quo Vadis before going to Israel in 1996. He joined up with CMI in 1998.

Bill and Sabine met while Bill was serving in the church in Jerusalem and Sabine was volunteering at a home for mentally and physically challenged persons.

For the next phase in their ministry they moved to Germany & are now ministering to Germans, visitors, and refugees that are coming from the middle east.

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