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Joe and Beverly Vaughan

Beverly Vaughan

Beverly is a part-time staff RN at an Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center in Phoenix, assisting with patient care during eye surgical procedures. Her love of the Gospel has been the impetus for her continuing pursuit of Biblical knowledge. At the urging of her sister, Beverly dove into Christian apologetics and is now an enthusiastic student attending local apologetics seminars and conferences while connecting others to the Good News through this new-found resource. Her most recent story involving Christian apologetics took a personal turn when her “friend” stepped into faith in Christ after having heard the Gospel through the context of apologetics. They went on to become Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Beverly Vaughan, CMI’s newest “family” members! 

Joe Vaughan:

Joe’s journey to faith in Christ began with a family legacy of serving the needs of the community as Christ followers. Even abroad, while serving in the U.S. military and eventually retiring in 2005, this interest never dwindled.  Enter Beverly, his hiking friend and a passionate student of apologetics. Through insightful seminars, captivating books, and engaging discussions, Joe discovered the compelling tools apologetics offered. In 2015, with unwavering conviction, he took the next step – committing his life to Christ. Now, with the same passion that guided his global service, Joe seeks to empower others through apologetics, helping them navigate their own faith journeys and find their footing in the Christian world.

Our Ministry

From Seeds of Inquiry to Roots of Belief: Our Calling to Ignite Faith

In 2019, an inspiring summer at Faith Ascent Ministries’ Base Camp sparked a life-altering calling. Witnessing high school students grappling with doubts about their faith ignited a passion within us to equip them with “Reasons to Be-lieve” amidst a culture offering them countless “Reasons to Leave.”

Our eyes opened to the reality of many Christian youth losing their faith in college, often due to a lack of foundational knowledge about the Bible and its historical grounding. Without this essential anchor, young adults struggle to defend their beliefs against challenges and find themselves adrift in a sea of alternative worldviews.

This awakening ignited a fire within us. We felt a divine purpose to empower not only students, but also parents and grandparents, with the tools to strengthen their faith and confidently champion the truths of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

The alarming statistics of students abandoning Christianity in college fueled our resolve. Infinite Faith Ministries’ union with the CMI family marks a thrilling new chapter in our mission. We are eager to reach college students through the lens of apologetics, offering knowledge and support to solidify their faith and foster vibrant lives built on Christian convictions.

We are immensely grateful for your prayers and financial support. Together, we can nurture the seeds of inquiry into unshakeable roots of belief.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

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