Thriving Learners Institute (TLI)

The Thriving Learners Institute was started by Uganda natives, Bruno Mugisha and Pauline Nalumansi Mugisha, who met in 2010, were married in 2018, and have a son named Lucas Mugisha.

Pauline is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Innovation in Global Development at Arizona State University, focusing her research on alternative education pathways, emerging technologies in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in education. Prior to starting her doctorate degree, Pauline worked as a University Innovation Fellow in the Office of Applied Innovation, a special units Office at the Office of the President at ASU, where she advanced a portfolio of projects primarily focused on global strategies, student success, and entrepreneurship. She graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management with a master’s in Global Affairs and Management in 2020. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from W. P Carey School of Business in 2018. She is a recipient of three prestigious scholarships –Presidential Graduate Assistantship (ASU LIFT Program), the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, Thunderbird’s SHARE Fellowship, and a Resolution Project Fellow. She has won several awards, including; Resolution project social venture winner 2017, ASU Student Shine–Most engaged student 2018, Changemaker Challenge winner 2018, Thunderbird pitch competition second runners up 2019, Pitchfork outstanding Graduate student leader 2020, and Venture Devils Demo Day winner (twice).

Bruno Mugisha earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Animal Health and Production from Bishop Stuart University-Mbarara. As a sales technical executive, he has over eight years of experience in agriculture, animal health, veterinary medicine, and sales.

Uganda is one of the countries with the World’s youngest population, with over 78 percent below the age of 35. The country has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Africa. Pauline and Bruno strongly believe God called them to serve and minister to his people by expanding learning and income-generating opportunities to the most vulnerable.

Thriving Learners Institute (TLI) is committed to providing programs and activities dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty among women and young people in Uganda and Africa in general. TLI programming is designed to a) empower young people to acquire market-relevant knowledge and skills through accredited online learning and empower women to utilize practical skills training to strengthen entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities b) connect learners to professional networks and mentors, and c) create opportunities for learners to use their academic and professional accomplishments to support and give back to their communities.

All TLI programs and activities, whether education, developing skills, connecting people to resources, are built on biblical perspectives, emphasizing sharing stories and unlocking individual potential to grow spiritually, physically, financially, and within a community that powers to thrive. 

Guiding Scripture: Arise, shine For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon  you (Isaiah 60:1)

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